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Special Savings on My Newer Erotica Series

An extended sexy Grappling series, submission with Sadie, and more stories at an alluring discount

G. Charles
Nov 25, 2023


Medium is a wonderful platform for composing and developing characters. But I’ve been writing on Substack, too, and developing new exclusive stories there along with extended series.

Just recently, I wrote 4 stories about one of my newest characters Sadie and her submission to a married Dom/Domme couple.

If you’ve ever read my lesfic soccer stories in the Grappling series here, I’ve developed even more on Substack along with many others.

My Substack regular monthly subscription price is $5 but you can get the stories for an entire year for only $ 38.40 — just over $ 3 per month.

Click here to check out the sale price and my Sexy Pscyhe on Substack.

Indulge your mind — Sexy Pscyhe Substack.



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