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Sexual Options That I’ve Learned to Enjoy as Much as Vaginal Sex Summary: Vaginal penetration isn’t pleasant for my wife, so here’s how I’ve adapted.

Loving the Erotic Tension of Going Down on My Wife

Summary: The right amount of sexual tension keeps a long-term relationship interesting.

The Reality of My FWB Affair that Lasted 10 Years

Summary: My affair with someone completely different than me was based in mutual respect and need — evidenced by a tough moment for her.

Exploring the Emotions of a Submissive Man

Summary: Why submissive men can “fall in love” with their Domme / Dom.

The Pros and Cons of Watching Porn with a Partner

Summary: Looking at porn can be titillating fun, but don’t forget to relate to each other.

I Finally Understood What Fuels My Sexual Desires

Summary: Meeting a young dominant woman in the park showed me how my sexual life and needs get stimulated.

What I Learned Shaving My Wife’s Vagina

Summary: Using a razor in her most private area led to a new intimacy.

Where Did My Kink Begin?

Summary: Eroticism was fueling my thoughts, the origins of the best sex which begins in the mind.

How Non-Kinky Lovers can Experience a BDSM-Style Thrill

Summary: Enjoy the sensations even if you don’t consider yourself kinky.

How Wearing Boy Shorts Intensified My Kink and Sexual Confidence

Summary: These briefs are tight, sexy and don’t look too different from the current fashion of men’s briefs.

How Sexual Arousal Opened My Wife to Trying Clothespins

Summary: I decided to share a sexual desire and I’m glad I did.

Ways to Seduce Your Man in Everyday Life

Summary: Simple tips for staying sexy in your man’s thoughts

The Flogger: A Sensually Versatile Sex Toy

Summary: A sex toy that creates a myriad of sensations

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