A Guide to My Erotica Short Stories

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G. Charles


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A convenient place to read erotica fit for couples, women and men. Sexy stories to immerse yourself in characters exploring relationships and desires.

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Section 1 Hotwife Cuckold Stories, FemDom

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An erotic serial of a sexually charged couple:

My Wife Laura, Her Young Girlfriend, and Me (hotwife, bisexual, age gap, more)

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Currently 20 erotica short stories linked to from this page. Includes the popular Julie series and the Locked in Chastity series with Kelly and Ryan.

The Cuckold Beach Wedding (cuckold, hotwife)

The Honeymoon at Cuckold Beach (cuckold, hotwife)

Coming to Meet the Hotwife (hotwife, cuckold, group sex)

Welcome, Babe, My Husband’s Ready to Watch Us (hotwife, group sex)

I will Dress as I Please (femdom, poem)

Seduced by Her Smile, Stung by Her Whip (femdom, age gap)

He Sat Naked, Sipping Wine (wife submitting to man, bi-husband)

Unhooking Ashlyn’s Bra (cuckold)

Section 2 LGBTQ Erotica & Kink

Pleasing Me is Your Only Purpose (LGBTQ, Lesbian, lesfic, BDSM, kink)

Opening Up Amy: Part 1 The Shower (LGBTQ, Lesbian, lesfic, friendship)

Opening Up Amy: Part 2 The Shave (LGBTQ, Lesbian, lesfic, friendship)

Also see heading below: Sexy Sports Stories

Section 3 Erotic Romance



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