The time was necessary to feed our lust and our relationship

Woman with eye shadow looking at the camera.
Woman with eye shadow looking at the camera.
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Almost instinctively, my eyes followed the hips of a woman who strolled past me in the hotel’s expansive lobby. She wore a sundress that swam over her breasts and barely hugged her ass and hips.

Her wiggling shape hooked my gaze and, as I turned my head, I saw another woman sitting near an indoor stream that wound its way through small tables and ended at the hotel’s bar. Julie.

She smiled, got up from her chair, and strolled to greet me with a hug and kiss. …

My fantasy had led me to an unusual erotic reality

Woman close up of face, looking at camera.
Woman close up of face, looking at camera.
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Pulling in the driveway was itself intimidating and embarrassing as I steered my Toyota Corolla alongside the Audi R8 and parked. I got out and walked to the front door, reminding myself why I drove the kind of car I did and why Mistress Beauty drove her six-figure vehicle.

Because I sent her money and she received my cash. It was that simple.

My PR agency and employees spread the word about her fashion business and she made sure they got paid well. …

Writing on my patio in the too few moments of peace

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A tiny wave of panic pulses when I’ve not written in days or my goals for the month begin slipping away. I’ve been preoccupied in other areas of my life with a constant stream of noise, but now I’ve had a quiet morning and productive one.

So sitting, thinking, and having the chance to muse over messages from a young woman who said she would delight in my spanking her. Just considering her words and imagining her shape and how I’d position her sparks the erotic flow and cuts through the immense seriousness of every day.

My cock pulsates and…

Her fantasy of men playing with her was turning to reality

Woman on couch in black bra and heels.
Woman on couch in black bra and heels.
Photo by Marx Ilagan from Pexels

Julie pulled off her tank top, revealing her voluptuous breasts while her Master sat in the chair near the bed. Her husband Doug waited, naked and kneeling on the floor alongside the bed. His chastity cage was firmly in place. She wiggled out of her denim shorts and stood facing Master.

“Do you like the panties?” she grinned, hopeful.

“I do.”

“I’m glad.”

They were red satin, ones that Doug bought for her use and Master’s pleasure.

Master studied her shape. “So you’ve been doing your anal stretching exercises like I instructed?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now take them off.” Master…

I don’t expect you to understand my confession

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Mistress granted me access to her inner sanctum, her bedroom, since I had been a loyal submissive. I served her with my body, letting her whip me and tease my cock when she wanted. I also worked hard to cover not only my expenses, but also contribute to her pleasure and happiness with my earnings.

Strange, isn’t it? But what’s a man to do when he’s trapped in the mental element of bondage? The more I let her tease and whip me, the more I desired Mistress. My mind wanted more. The longer I worked overtime and sought bonuses, the…

It was a weekend and a semester that made me wonder, ‘What if?’

Man in scarf looking at camera.
Man in scarf looking at camera.
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Kev and I were both enrolled in the acting conservatory during a summer session and we seemed to hit it off. I asked him if he wanted to be roommates when the fall semester started and, after mulling it over, he agreed. We were both 19 years old and excited to be students in LA.

During our first week in a classy building where we had a studio apartment with a kitchen. We each had day beds on walls that were perpendicular. He asked me why I wanted him to room with me. …

It’s part of the feelings that I’ve loved to hate or struggle against

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I value more of the emotions surrounding sex now than I did when I was younger. The passion of arousal was always existing, but now something deeper stirs in me — an emotion I want to feel and capture in my writings.

Thoughts of chastity bring this to the surface. …

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Only Mistress Kelly could give her submissive permission to play.

Pick up extra wine and finish cleaning. The girls will arrive by 6:30. The text message from Kelly was clear.

There was only one possible response. Yes, Mistress.

Kelly ruled the relationship and didn’t use any of pleasantries common between typical, loving partners. Please and thank you were used sparsely now that the couple was no longer husband and wife. Instead, they had already evolved to the roles of submissive and Mistress.

The names had forever changed, too. What had once legally been Ryan and Kelly had completely changed to Lexie and Kelly.

Lexie had the same masculine face and…

A listing of my stories with a hot wife-cuck husband or just plain kinky couples

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

Writing the Sexy Psyche and contributing to so many wonderful erotica publications ignited my interest in writing erotica, and especially erotica featuring kinky couples.

Enjoy this complete guide to my stories and the characters. Maybe you’ll identify with some. These stories only live here on this platform but I’ve thought about writing them into novels (novellas) as well.

Kelly and Ryan — Hotwife, Domme, Cuck Husband

Backstory: Ryan cheated on Kelly, she found out, discovered his kinks and slowly took control of his sexuality. She starts off with him in chastity at the beach and the most recent story, with Ryan identifying as Lexie, isn’t yet published. …

Understanding what holds you back and committing to working through issues has wonderful benefits

Person with finger over mouth.
Person with finger over mouth.
Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Playboy magazine was all the rage when I was in sixth grade. Penthouse was making inroads, too, as men placed their fascination with women on the glossy pages of magazines and sold them behind convenience store counters.

On occasion, one of my friends would get his hands on a copy of Playboy and we’d look it over, giggling and not knowing what to do with what we saw. But we knew one thing: we didn’t want to get caught by our parents or teachers. That would have been awful. So we hid our discoveries.

But you can’t hide forever.


G. Charles

Some say kink, I say it’s me. Exploring the intersection of psyche and sexuality. @Gcs2090 Twitter / my blog:

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