Handsome man shirt unbuttoned, looking at camera.

Soft lighting, erotic instrumental music and aromatic air freshener transformed Scottie’s studio apartment into a relaxing sanctuary. Alan, older and set in his career, had noticed the younger man when he partied with his wife, Linda, at a condo on the beach.

Linda found her action with the other much…

Depositphotos by disorderly 125410924

Running the last two miles was always the most satisfying. The slight grade twisted above town for several blocks before dipping and turning into a flat street. Greta enjoyed how her thighs burned uphill and appreciated slowing to a jog as she approached home.

But what she especially liked was…

Duchess Skylark, used with permission of Duchess Skylark

Your eyes find their way into my imagination, lighting every corner with pulsating images of how you move, speak and summon my obedience.

Constantly dwelling on you is a form of love, I believe — especially when consumed by my need to express your personality. …

G. Charles

Exploring the intersection of friendship, romance and the, often, beautifully erotic. @Gcs2090 Twitter / my blog: https://gcharlesauthor.blogspot.com/

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