Donette looked at the time and sent a text. In 20 minutes?

The reply was positive. Yeah. See you then.

Donette smiled. Reuben was such a good sport, so helpful, and he tasted so damn good.

Despite being single, Donette was married to data analysis and couldn’t find the time…

If this bed could talk, imagine what it would say about the night we moved into the house — creaking floorboards and pipes that banged when you took a shower, and how you strolled into the bedroom in those early months wearing nothing but flimsy pink, red, or black.


Woman with dark complexion in white bikini looking into camera.
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The phone call caught Jade off guard.

“Hey, are you nearby?”

It was Alex, her husband of less than a year.

“Yeah, why?” She had just finished touring a home on the market with other real estate agents.

“I, uh, need you. Can you come home for a bit?” …

Image by G Charles

The first thing to know about Sky Pines is that it’s a work in progress. You’ve heard that term before, right? Authors use it all the time as they tell stories about fictional characters. …

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Writing the Sexy Psyche and contributing to so many wonderful erotica publications ignited my interest in writing erotica, and especially erotica featuring kinky couples.

Enjoy this complete guide to my stories and the characters. Maybe you’ll identify with some. …

Nataliya Vaitkevich, Pexels

Analise only wore panties and a blouse while reclining in a corner of her spacious bedroom and ordering Reese to strip off his clothes. …

Why didn’t I think of the title for this newsletter before?

Updates had been more of an afterthought, but the idea just struck me. I should call it the G. Spot Weekly, but I may not always get to it weekly.

Latest stories.

Check out To Use Me is to…

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It seems so counter-intuitive (grad school word), that denying pleasure is a form of arousal and sexual pleasure.

The number of cuckold stories is evidence as we imagine husbands being denied pleasure while watching their wives soak up as much pleasure as possible.

I’ve written numerous ones of my own…

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I lay with one arm cradled beneath the pillow that Jenna lay on. I gently kissed her earlobe, puffed my breath into her ear, and ran my free hand over her tits, pausing to tantalize her nipples.

“Please.” The word escaped her lips while she raised her pelvis.

“Please, what…

Photo by Jonaorle from Pexels

Chloe’s lithe movements and sexual nature bubbled up through her being. Simply watching her eat a grape made my cock erect. Her fingers caressed the delicate fruit and she slowly sent it through her parted lips with her tongue seductively wrapping around it.

Where did that essence come from?


G. Charles

Exploring the intersection of friendship, romance and the, often, beautifully erotic. @Gcs2090 Twitter / my blog:

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